Content Creation

Content Creation

Content for a virtual audience is any combination of what you would traditionally see at a physical conference and specialized content for a virtual environment. Effective digital content is succinct with a blended delivery of speakers and supporting content. Many of these elements can be used alone or in combination to meet your objectives.

Presentation Slides

Speaker Profiles


Digital Interviews


Sponsor AppreciatiOn

The Starting Line

Every virtual experience is unique in form, function, and style.  But, there are a handful of key questions that will help guide your content development.

Who's your audience?
Establish what your ideal audience looks like and behind segmentation if necessary.
What are your content goals?
What do you want your content to communicate and your audience to walk away with?
Where can we insert engagement opportunities?
Find ways for your audience to interact via chat, live Q&A, polls, gamification, and social media.
Is it possible to repurpose your content?
Use your digital content in other ways such as blog posts, on-going training, podcasts, etc

Marketing support

Behind every impressive virtual experience there is often an integrated marketing campaign designed to drive attendance and amp up engagement. The possibilities are nearly endless, but a few are mission-critical. 

On the Runway

The ramp up to your virtual experience is nearly as critical as the experience itself.


Let’s map out our options to drive attendance and further engagement during the event.

A Smooth Landing

After a successful virtual experience, your follow-up is the final seal on the deal.