Digital Experiences

Your winning formula

Riverview Systems Group is uniquely positioned to help evolve your traditional events into powerful digital experiences.

How does traditional production and technology influence the process of taking your message digital? What does content creation look like and how can you best utilize your existing marketing tools?

Our one-of-a-kind blend of production, technology, content creation, and marketing advice, all under one roof, is key to unlocking a digital experience you can be proud of.

Choosing A Digital Strategy

Understandably, there are now many options to bring traditionally physical live events into the digital world. As this new frontier continues to rapidly evolve, we believe that this presents a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on the objectives of your live events. Comprehension of these objectives is key to determining which digital strategy best aligns with your needs.

A tiered experience that is designed to mirror our well-known physical conferences. Programming frequently includes powerful whole group experiences (General Session) and supporting targeted sessions. (Breakouts)

If your objectives are less time bound and more seasonal than annual, a virtual streaming series can be considered. Your content may be cumulative in nature and could serve as a valuable reference for your audience in the future via an on-demand library.

A specific, time-bound moment or message that you’d like to showcase with your audience. Your message easily resonates with this audience en mass and can stand on its own. Your content is a single, produced video or live stream.

Digital Syndication

It’s important to understand the nuances in how digital content is delivered to various audiences, large and small. Whether public, private, or both, syndication decisions should be considered first as they have a cascading influence on each important step thereafter. There are predominantly two types of digital delivery:   

Open Experience

Popular for expanding brand awareness or targeting large existing communities.

Gated Experience

A more common style with a curated audience and more targeted experience.

Virtual Event Features

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