Cisco Live!

Main & Remote TV Studios

Riverview Systems Group provided all rigging and lighting for the Main and Remote TV Studios at Cisco Live! We also provided the full audio infrastructure for content recording and live feeds for broadcasts, video monitors, and scenic structures. Graphic Design by CiscoTV.
Our partnership with Cisco TV helped create:
  • CiscoTV produced 80 hours of broadcasting over 4 days with 3 keynotes, 12 Innovation sessions, 2 Big Idea Talks, and 33 backstage pass segments.
  • CiscoTV broadcast on 6 platforms simultaneously (Cisco.comciscolive.com, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and for the first time LinkedIn)
  • Just on Cisco.com and CiscoLive.com, we had over 400,000 live views
  • CiscoTV had 87 broadcast streams for the week plus and additional 25 if you include the broadcasts that our APJC team (a CiscoLive US first) that included for the first time at CiscoLive US, multiple language broadcasts.

Technology Used / Project Tags

Audio Broadcast Lighting live Scenic streaming