Talking Back at Conferences

A recent story in Biz Bash reports on new research from the International Association of Conference Centers. Among the more intriguing findings is how 80 percent of meeting respondents say access to interactive technology is going to become more important in the next five years. An astounding 92 percent of respondents say their dependency on wi-fi will continue to increase in the next three to five years. Among the important meeting venue elements that event planners and producers will be focused on is leveraging the latest technologies to enhance the real-life attendee experience for live event audience participation. For example, the article notes there is increased use of apps like Crowd Mics, which turn attendee smartphones into microphones, Convenient sure, but apps like this also take up enormous swaths of wi-fi speed when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of attendees downloading and using it simultaneously. As we constantly strive to incorporate an easy-to-use interface for the comfort and benefit of our client’s attendees, we have embraced a more controllable technology for the execution of live event Q&As — namely Catch Box. This is essentially a high-quality mic that is housed in a soft, “Nerf” like device that literally can be tossed around the audience. Catch Box allows for insertion of industry standard wireless microphone belt packs and microphones, and the inherent portability of being able to toss or throw the device to attendees reigning their hands with questions. With this technology, we can control the quality, volume, and selectivity needed for the attendees and executives on the receiving end, while maintaining some of the flexibility inherent with the phone app option.  We can easily brand these soft, devices with client or event logo branding. The Catch Box technology is particularly beneficial when the meetings are webcast or streamed and the quality of the spoken word can be greatly improved by using professional audio elements, rather than random phone microphone quality. In addition, the amount of bandwidth needed for a sizeable audience when using the phone App is negated with the use of the Catch Box units.” Read the entire Biz Bash story here: https://www.bizbash.com/report-what-planners-want-now-in-meeting-rooms/los-angeles/story/34262

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