technical & show staffing

By planning well and covering all the bases for you in advance of your event, our innovative technical design support is just one more factor in flawless execution. When you partner with Riverview, you’re investing in our skills and talents—in our ability to apply the most effective tools and techniques to achieve your goals. And we’re committed to providing you with a return on your investment, and very often under budget.

We are well known by our long-standing partners and clients for exceeding expectations, and that includes providing full-service technical design support. Our integrated design and technical team utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver your media message in creative, dynamic and compelling ways. Our experience supporting the creations of independent designers and producers, as well as developing concepts directly with end users, speaks for itself in the hundreds of successful collaborations we have enjoyed with our partners.

key services

  • Technical CAD Drawings
  • Venue Layout & Space Design
  • Safety & Fire Protocol
  • Permitting Guidance
  • Full Scale Rehearsals
  • Account Management
  • Production Management
  • Technical Directors
  • Concept Designers
  • Executive Producers
  • Content Development
  • Executive Producers
  • Production Managers
  • Technical Directors
  • Production Stage Manager
  • Breakout Managers
  • Video System Engineers
  • Graphics Operators
  • Lighting Programmers
  • Production Electricians
  • Audio Engineers
  • Scenic Carpenters
  • Cost effective solutions

    through long-standing

    relationships world-wide.