Sneak Peak At Latest Barco Technology

I recently had the good fortune of spending an amazing week in Tahoe with our friends from Barco who previewed their latest projection and visualization technology including razor-sharp 4K UDX Laser Projectors, which offer stunning experiences in terms of color, resolution, and processing, combined with savings on installation, shipping time and asset management.

At Riverview, we continually strive to stay on top of A/V trends, and the UDX solution is impressive. Particularly exciting is the introduction of short-throw right-angle lenses for the HDX and UDX platform. In my opinion, the two new lenses, a fixed 37mm, and a .65 – .85 zoom are game changers.  

The technology is not what we have seen previously, where the short-throw is based on direct mirror bounce, but rather a true 90° right angle pair of lenses. This allows the ability to stack redundant back-ups, and place your large-venue projectors at distances never before imagined in a short throw environment.

The geometry and range of lens shift we witnessed were truly spectacular.  


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