The Results Are In

At Riverview we’re always busy, but apparently it’s not just us, but the whole industry. An article in the current issue of Exhibitor Magazine reports on a recent survey from Exhibit Surveys, Inc. and Lippman Connect that finds the majority of event organizers predict a busy 2017. Among the noteworthy data-points:
  • 58 percent of the 233 responding executives expect 2017 to show increases in attendance, amount of exhibiting companies, net square footage of event space and sponsorship sales.
  • 53 percent expect increased spending for attendee promotion and marketing; while 27 percent of organizers expect to increase spending this year by 11 percent or more, up 19 percent from last year.
The news was not all rosy, at least on the digital side. Only 20 percent of those surveyed reported having a digital extension to their events, down 27 percent from last year. Only 9 percent plan to offer a virtual extension. For those looking to read more closely at the numbers you can find the complete survey results here.

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